Meivee 2023 Gift Guide - Gifts for the Serenity Seeker

Embrace Tranquility: A Serenity Seeker's Gift Guide
In a world that whirls with chaos, there's a serene soul who finds solace in ritual moments. The Serenity Seeker, as we fondly call them, cherishes the art of intentional living, creating pockets of peace in their everyday life. A ritual moment for them is more than routine; it's a conscious act of self-care and mindfulness. As we delve into the world of gifts for the Serenity Seeker, let's explore offerings that enhance these precious moments.


Meivee Gift Box: Craft your serenity with a personalized touch. These sleek, subtly branded gift boxes, adorned with a black satin ribbon and bow, speak of curated elegance. Choose your favorites with the "build a box" option, and let us handle the rest. Giving with ease and sophistication.

2. Essential Oil Aromatherapy Rollers: Perfectly sized stocking fillers, these de-stress and refresh rollers bring moments of calm. Infused with pure essential oils, they're a delightful addition to any serenity seeker's ritual. (Price: R110)

3. Heavenly Palo Santo Bundle: Encased in a keepsake wooden box, this bundle brings the sacred benefits of Palo Santo. Explore its cleansing and grounding properties, making it a thoughtful and meaningful gift. (Price: R159)

4. Rest Room Mist : Infused with the calming scents of bergamot and cedarwood, this mist transforms spaces into havens of relaxation. Versatile enough to be used on pillows and linens, it's a sensory delight. (Price: R110)

5. "30 Thoughts" Daily Affirmation Cards: Encourage positivity with this set of daily affirmations, housed in a charming wooden box. A reminder to embrace tranquility in each thought and action. (Price: R299)

6. Walkers Makoni Tea with Wooden Spoon: Elevate the ritual with this peaceful tea blend, accompanied by a wooden spoon for a mindful experience. (Price: R60)

7. Sandalwood Incense with Brass Droplet Holder: Immerse the senses in a delicate fragrance with this set. The brass droplet holder adds an aesthetic touch to any sacred space. (Incense Price: R125, Holder Price: R55)

8. Handcrafted Artisan Mugs by Therle Chaston: Sip serenity from unique creations. Each artisan mug is a work of art, perfect for cradling warmth and comfort in every sip. (Price: R250 each)

9. 100% Mulberry Silk Scrunchies: Tie up your hair, get cozy, and dive into your ritual moment with these luxurious scrunchies. A touch of elegance in self-care. (Price: R65 each)

10. Meivee Illuminating Vitamin C Face Mask: Enhance your ritual with self-care for the skin. This face mask, enriched with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, adds a luminous touch to your moments of tranquility.

All these gifts are carefully curated, and the best part? Each one is under R300, making serenity affordable and exquisite. Embrace the art of ritual living and gift the Serenity Seeker in your life moments of tranquility.